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Qingdao Bortome Completed Registration of Trade Mark: Bortome®

Friday, 28 Aug 2015
Recently, Qingdao Bortome received the certificate from CTMO (China Trade Mark Office) that Bortome® is the legally registered trade mark of Qingdao Bortome Import &Export Co., Ltd.
The date of registration is June 7th, 2015, and Renewal of due date is June 6th, 2025. 
The registration of Bortome® trade mark helps Qingdao Bortome company protecting their trade mark and intellectual property rights and interests. What’s more, the registration will also help Qingdao Bortome Company strengthen the brand of Bortome® and its popularity, which also has a positive significance for the company’s internationalization strategy.
Trust us, your best choice. Qingdao Bortome Company will be your best partner of international business.

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Technical support and FAQ

  • Different type of BTP automated parking system is with different prices. In order to give you a more precise price, we need to know your specific requirements. For specific project, please contact with us directly.

  • According to China’s corresponding regulations, our BTP automated parking system is designed for 40 years’ lifetime. But the actual lifetime will be up to the buyer’s using frequency and daily maintenance.

  • One year’s free warranty for the whole parking system and five years’ free warranty for main steel structure. When the parking system is delivered, certain amount of spare parts will be sent freely together with the parking system. After the first free year since installation, free technical support and spare parts at cost price are provided all the time.

  • For the installation of our standard BTP-PCS vertical lifting tower parking system, BTP-PSH puzzle parking system, and BTP-PJS simple parking system (stacking, pit type), our 1 or 2 engineers (specific number of engineers that will be sent for the installation is related to your project’s scale) will be sent to instruct and test the installation.

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